HVAC CONSULTANTS – Leading the way for HVAC projects in the UK

In the field of HVAC and Refrigeration many independent contractors in the UK provide excellent services and highly competitive pricing for standard jobs using off-the-shelf heating and refrigeration equipment backed by tried and tested engineering methods. Yet, if a requirement arises in the UK that doesn’t quite fit in with the standard, many small outfits can’t afford to carry in-house resources with the knowledge and experience for custom design and solution development.

We can design and specify insulation materials.
HVAC ChillerCompressors for water chillers require detailed specification by experienced HVAC Engineers

This is where the experts at A C & R Consultancy Ltd come in.

As UK based HVAC and Refrigeration Consultants, we can provide designs, drawings and equipment specifications based on reliable technical calculations for one-off special HVAC projects whenever your firm needs cost effective and technically compliant solutions’.

Visit our HVAC Solutions page to read about a range of projects we have successfully worked on as Air Conditioning Consultants and as Refrigeration Consultants and satisfy yourself that we are fully capable of delivering what you need as a contractor or an end user. Then contact us to tell us more about a specific project that could benefit from the experts advice using properly qualified HVAC Consultants.