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Combining the knowledge of design principles with that of practical installation methods often provides a resolution to stubborn problems

Case Studies

Case Study 1 – Air to Water Heat Pump

This is a case study of a domestic application included with the kind permission of Nu-Heat of Honiton, who were responsible for executing the contract.

AC & R Consultancy played a small part in the concept of this application to provide space and water heating for a barn conversion to a domestic dwelling. It is however worth noting that this principle could also be applied to small commercial applications in association with appropriate ventilation arrangements.

The installed solution comprises of a mono-block air source heat pump, a thermal storage cylinder, under-floor heating and associated M&E services.

Air to Water Heat Pump Fans


The heat pump shown in the image is discretely positioned at the rear of the property adjacent to the utility area where the storage cylinder, pump, expansion vessel and controls are located.


The owners were particularly concerned about the potential for noise from the heat pump, but were pleasantly surprised at the result.

Air to Water Heat Pump Cylinder



Note the height of cylinder. This is deliberately this shape to minimise footprint but also to maximise the stratification effect, allowing water for domestic use to be taken from the top where it is at its hottest and cold water entering at the bottom where the heat pump can operate to maximum advantage. Also note that an electric immersion heater has been fitted to provide standby in the event of problems, top-up in the event of high usage and provide high temperature purge to prevent the development of water borne bacteria.


Air to Water Heat Pump Underfloor Manifold



This is the underfloor heating manifold, which permits temperature within each zone to be controlled separately.





  • It is particularly suited to new or extensive refurbishments where underfloor heating can be incorporated into a new or raised floor slab.
  • The resultant heating effect from this system in a well insulated house has promoted a very comfortable living environment.
  • The heat pump technology has also allowed the owners to optimise their running costs, which is predicted to show a notional return against their investment, compared to the alternative of choosing oil or LPG, in just a few years.

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