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Combining the knowledge of design principles with that of practical installation methods often provides a resolution to stubborn problems


Best solutions

The following are a small selection of creative solutions that we have provided for clients that approached us with very specific requirements:-

 A  Pasteurising and Fruit Juice Bottling Plant.

HVAC LT PlantThe pasteurising process was causing a bottle-neck in production due to the time taken for the bottles to cool before caps could be fitted and the product could move on to dispatch. The client realised that some form of rapid cooling was necessary and commissioned us to come up with a solution. The obvious answer was a large mechanical cooling plant, which would have increased running cost significantly quite apart from increasing environmental impact. Our solution was based on adiabatic cooling, the introduction of potable water in the form of atomised spray and a fan. Water in contact with the bottles carried in filtered air would evaporate and in doing so absorb the latent heat of vaporisation from the bottles and their contents. This would reduce the cooling time to 1/5Th of using air alone, use comparatively little water and most importantly use very little energy. 



 An Ice Making Plant.

stainless steel ice/water tankThe need arose for cooling within the packing hall of a UK main player in the provision of cubed and crushed ice as it became clear that there were significant product losses being incurred, especially in the warmer months of the year. Our brief was to assess the extent of the heat gains and design a suitable means of limiting the packing hall temperature whilst not losing sight of the fact that the insulated chamber was occupied by multiple workers for extended periods of time.

Investigation of the site revealed that there was a significant quantity of rejected ice that would otherwise be allowed to thaw to waste. Our solution was simple; a stainless steel storage tank for ice/water with a weir plate to prevent ice being drawn into the pump suction, a control valve, a ceiling mounted forced convection cooling unit and a control panel. The tank was generously sized to contain sufficient ice and water to maintain the packing hall temperature at 10 deg.C whilst ice production was halted overnight.

The inescapable advantage is of course, the very low running cost achieved by using latent refrigeration effect that would have otherwise been wasted.

This information is provided by kind permission of Eskimo Ice Ltd of Crawley and our client, Royale Refrigeration Ltd of Newbury.